Did I overreact in dumping him?

I ended things with this guy I was seeing a month ago. It was because we had been set to go out on a date one week, and the day before our date he stops communicating with me entirely. I texted him and he ignored my message, and then we didn’t talk for an entire week. I kind of assumed from his silence that things were done between us since there was no date. Then, the week after, I bumped into him on a night out and he was acting all friendly like nothing happened, said he wanted to explain himself so I told him to call me the next day to hear him out as I believe in second chances.

The day after he started texting me again just making normal conversation like everything was fine and I wasn’t prepared to put up with this crap so I said if he wants another chance he can call me. He agreed and offered to meet up to sort things out and I agreed to meet the next day. Then the next day rolls around, I texted him asking what time he was free to meet and he again ignored my message for ages. This was when I told him this was not working, that he was behaving badly and that I wasn’t going to be messed about like this. He responded really angrily saying how he’s been ‘busy’ so that’s why he hadn’t replied and why he didn’t talk to me that week, and that he doesn’t believe he’s messed me around. This was when I ended things.

Was I overreacting or do you think I made the right choice? Whenever he sees me now he gives me a really angry look I think because I broke things off with him/ damaged his pride, when really I felt like the one being dumped because he was acting that way.


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  • No, you were completely reasonable. If he had a genuine interest in you, the word “busy” wouldn’t be in his vocabulary.


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  • You made the right choice, no ones ever too busy to reply to a text for an entire week

  • If you feel like it was a great choice it was.


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