Should I stay or should I leave now?

Hi, i need a mans view, i have been knowing this guy for 4 years and we decided to be together, we have been together for almost a year and i just have a gut feeling that i need to let him go.
The problem is that he act like he never has time for me or for us to do things but he's always saying he's inlove with me and I'm his whole world and he wants to marry me, but sometimes i can't even get a call from him, i feel single and alone everytime he needs me i am there but when i need him he takes his time or is really not there for me, i dont feel like i am a priority in his life.
And the excuse is always im working im just really tired and want to know should i keep holding because i love him or do i let go. Please help
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I have talk to him on multiple occasions, and then for a while it gets better then it just goes back to the same thing, always some excuse like you know im not a phone person but whenever we are together he stays in his phone.
Should I stay or should I leave now?
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