I hate her and I dont think I’ll ever forgive her, but I still love her?

I should’ve seen it coming. I was clearly her rebound from her ex husband but she was just so amazing that I let my guard down. She let the anger and stress from their failed marriage get to her and at the end of our relationship she treated me like shit. But despite all of that I came back and she told me that she wants to be single and she still loves him but will never get back together with him. This hurt me bad and honestly confirmed my growing resentment towards her I’m a very forgiving and loving person, but I don’t think I can ever forgive her. Whether she wants to admit it or not she used me and threw me away like I didn’t matter. But whatever, that’s all anyone has ever done to me my whole life. Take my kindness for granted then throw me away like I’m disposable and I don’t matter. She led me on and let all of her anger out at me and what did I get out of it? Nothing but a broken heart and some serious anger that is eating me alive. She shouldn’t have even gotten in a serious relationship with me and said she loved me if that’s what she thought. But she doesn’t know how much I hate her. And I’m stupid enough to still talk to her. I almost want to get revenge and hope that years from now she wants to get back with me and I tell her all of this. That I never forgave her or forgot about what she did to me. I don’t tell her because she won’t understand. She doesn’t understand how much she hurt me or screwed me over. She’ll just go on living life oblivious to the man she broke and honestly that’s what makes me the most angry. I understand her point of view, but no matter how you look at it that doesn’t make it right. But at the same time I still love her and I miss her more than anything...


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  • Life is like that man. It get's very hard and most often is difficult. I personally cannot get over a lost love even though it has been 3 years. The worst thing we can do is punish ourselves by putting that other person on a pedestal.

    • Thanks for the advice man

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