My ex girl still keeping tabs on me?

my ex still want to keep tabs on me because she claims I owe her money of over 500.00, for gas,food, and rent, I know I owe her money for rent a 100.00 but she was driving my car mostly every night when she was going to work... now she found out I got deployed to Iraq and she now coming after me that we can be together but I need to grow up first? and pay her back her money at the time I she was 24 and I was 31

what some women mean by that I need to grow up first?

the last crazy chick said the same thing

i tell em I'm a grown man look where I'm at , I'm in the army national guard, I'm in iraq I have a career , my own cars my own place back home in queens,ny a stable state job too I have 2 kids and never a dead beat dad, never been married or ever engage ... and they still I need to grow and the what they mean I need space?


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  • Pay her the money and move on. If you pay her it, she has no reason to contact you. Simple way to get her out of your life. Good luck out there! .

    • Thanx il do that , ipay her 100.00 rent money back and call it a day

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