Did I do the right thing?

So their was this girl that I liked and I asked her out she said maby I said I don't want to date if you don't want to but then she said she did like me, long story short she came to my birthday party on wensday and she was kissing some random guy, I immediately left cos I was starting to have a panic attack, I thanked the host of the party later through text, should I have tried to break them up, there's no point at forcing a relationship anyway? Plus I'm thinking about revenge on Halloween...
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  • Nah, don't even bother wasting your time planning revenge and wondering about what would have happened if you'd done something differently. Go find a girl that deserves your attentions and doesn't mash face with randomers whilst she "likes" you.

    • Yours is proably the best answer, but I also forgot to mention that I grew a beard because she said she liked it.

    • Maybe keep the beard? If it doesn't annoy you, lots of women like them

    • Maybe I've got to shave it off for Halloween but then I can grow it back.

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  • Not worth. Just curve that thot.

  • ... I do enjoy a good revenge plot thou...

    • I'm proably not going to get revenge but it would either involve scaring the shit out of her on Halloween or baking her something with laxatives in it.

    • Hahaha c'mon man get creative!

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