Help ! I'm sad over this boy and need closure?

I was "exclusive fwb" with this guy, It lasted about a day. After we slept together, he didn't text me. I texted him, he one word answered me, & then posted a video on instagram of him singing about how 'in love' he was. I asked him what was up. He then said, "You ruined this because you can't handle constrained texting." I inevitably told him to go **** himself. He would run into me all over town purposefully multiple times a day previous to this, but at this time I have changed my routine. I left a letter on his car ending things & he responded with a video on instagram of him giving a speech about "taking action" &"not knowing what could have been". I decided to bite the bullet, suck up my ego & text him. I invited him over the next day, he replied once but did not reply to the invite. He didn't show up or text me. My house was burglarized that night. The next day I told him my house was burglarized. He didn't reply. How could he not reply to the knowledge that my house was burglarized? I'm not asking advice on how to get him back, I'm asking, "What drives him?" Why didn't he text me saying he wasn't interested, if that was the case?


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  • Dude, don't get the hint?
    You aren't what he considers girlfriend material, you aren't even considered the 'worth a reply' material.
    Leave him alone and move the fuck on.


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