Is it possible to win someone's heart back after they have ended things?

I was in a relationship for a year and 9 months with a girl named Baylie and I was almost positive that she was the one for me. I left around the middle of our second 9 months to get help from a sober living program in Oregon (I was in Georgia prior) and planned to get my life back on track after a lot of bumps in the road. She and I both agreed that we would make it work and I was 100% committed to making it work. Around a month of being in the program, Baylie called me and told me that she didn't think she could do it. She said that she wasn't able to do the distance and that me not being close to her was hurting her feelings for me. I asked her and pleaded with her to stay and try for a little bit longer and that I was going to fly her out to see me for Christmas break. She didn't want to and ended things over the phone then blocked me on all other social media. I tried getting in touch with her and after about 2 months I got an email from her that I feel is a sign she wants me to know that she isn't 100% gone. She has a new boyfriend who is apparently very controlling and has a whole bunch of expectations of how she dresses, who she talks to, and even what she can and cannot take pictures wearing. I can't help but wonder how she could be happy and I feel that the email she sent holds true to my idea that she doesn't want to be alone, so she's sacrificing her "freedoms" to have someone who is more than a friend. I ask myself if it is possible that there is still a chance for us to be back together again, because I love her and I know that she just isn't happy with her controlled relationship that she is in right now. What do y'all think? And is it worth trying to hold onto the hope that we could maybe be back together in the future? Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your opinions so please let me know.


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  • Eventually she's going to get tired of being controlled. All you can do is stay positive and assure her you're there to support her. Hopefully, she gets out sooner rather later because the longer this relationship continues the more likely it is that shell have a harder time getting out. In the meantime, maybe finding someone who's willing to invest their time in you would be a better option. You may end up happier than if she had stayed with you. Most importantly, maintain your sobriety and don't allow any negativity to sway you. Honestly, she picked a REALLY shitty time to walk away, but the fact that you got through it shows your strength. Stay clean my friend.


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