Why didn’t my ex say “I wasn’t jealous” or deny it when I called him jealous?

Past - ex who dumped me messaged “don’t talk to my friends again bitch” He’s never called me names. And “I know you messaged (his friend)” I said “I did it ONE TIME. it was A WHILE AGO” ex blocked me. Hour later said sorry. Thus I think he was jealous.
Fast forward - I message my ex. He says “stop talking to me (my name)” I reply “then why did you get jealous if you say that” he says “bye”. He didn’t deny it. Why?


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  • If he denied it would you believe him? If not, then there would be no point in denying it anyway.

    • Do you think he was jealous

    • I wouldn't count on it, he could just want you to not bother his friends.

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