Girls, if you had this call with a guy for a break up, why wouldn't you reach out to him after? Were you completely over it?

We had been going out for two months. Texting was good, with her initiating almost every time. Typically good morning texts, etc., we talked about future plans, but it seemed like it was getting harder to hang out because of her job (which was consistent throughout our dating). And she wasn't texting quite as frequently. But the quality of texts were good.

So I called just to see what was up. I said in the past month or so I've kind of noticed a change in behavior and asked what was going on. She said yeah she's so busy with work and really likes to have time for herself. I said I understand but it kind of seemed like I was getting whipped around with scheduling and all that. She said she just really doesn't have time, she really likes spending time with me and cares about me. I said something like well are you still even interested in going out. She said maybe it's just one of her traits, and that she doesn't have time to go out with ANY guy really.

I said okay well if that's the case maybe we're not on the same page and I should just date other girls and move on.

She seemed understanding and felt bad but didn't want to give me false hope. Said she does like me, likes hanging out, and cares about me, and that I'll find an amazing girl. She said I can still text her to do stuff and hoped I'd have a great day and week. She deleted her Match account a few days after

She's always been honest and genuine so I tend to believe what she's saying (although it sounds like typical BS people say). But haven't hear from her since!! It's been 2 weeks I thought she'd reach out? Is she already over it?

Girls what do you think really happened here?


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  • You’re broken up. She’s not obligated to hold your hand afterwards and make sure you’re okay. That’s not how that works.


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