Ex has blocked me on Facebook, how to deal with it!

After a 4 year relationship my ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago. I must admit after moving out I did text and call all the time to try and change his mind but it only made him angry and distant. He said that he isn't in love with me and doesn't want a relationship.

I very stupidly (because he wouldn't give me closure or a call) hacked into his emails to see he had been communicating with his ex. Who weirdly looks like me. I was furious and deleted him off facebook so that I didn't have to look at what was going on. Now he has blocked me, and he says its because I deleted him! I am really hoping for a reconciliation and I don't think he wants his ex he just needs validation. Now I feel every avenue has been lost. Annoyingly I wanted to eventually use it to show him what he's missing!

Any ideas, why block me if he doesn't care?!


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  • ur a little crazy right now. Try and be mature. You deleted him, he took this as an insult and figured you wanted no form of a relationship, he responded in the same way. He doesn't care he just agreed with you. And since your getting upset, he doesn't care even more. Leave it a lone for a couple of weeks, then add him again and say you were a little crazy and rash and would like to stay in touch if its OK, he was a big part of you life. And wait a while before you try and make him jealous and stuff, you may regret it, I mean it is very immature and he will loose respect for you if he finds out that's what you were doing. He can't hate you if your honorable even if he wants to.

    • I know I have been a wreck just grieving etc. I just had to delete him so I couldn't see what was going on with the other girl. I'm trying to be honerable but I didn't expect him to completely shut me out. I'm not sure how anyone can do that after 4 years of a lovely relationship. I wanted to keep an avenue open, just in case you know...

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  • Maybe he is just looking for control? You deleted him so he did you one better and blocked you. Now he feels like he has control of the situation, because he can unblock you whenever he wants.

    Also, don't think that facebook is the only way to keep in contact with him. What did you do before facebook? You can always call, text, IM, email. Whatever. Although, I would recommend no contact for about 1-2 months. You'll be far better in another 3 weeks. Just hang in there.


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  • he does care...he is just trying to get over you...and you should do the same


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