Are these more ex games?

Me and the ex, over the last month have been really friendly and texting a little here and there about each other. I feel good about it, and don't have any hard feelings and am truly looking for that casual acquaintances that some exes get. we left on good terms and we spent a lot of time and experiences together 5 years. Last week I suggested we do something if she was interested. she was and made a suggestion for this week some time. Today she asked me how my weekend was, and told me what she did. I said I had a great weekend had a crazy time..said that I was glad she had a good one too. She wrote me back, "I'm going to burn all of your picks to a disk and will drop them off tonight or you can come and get them" she then asked if I could give her something of hers that I still have. I responded with "of course", and am fine obviously to tie up loose ends. She's never asked before and I have been asking and waiting for the pics for a while. I am wondering if she's p*ssed or something or if its nothing. I didn't say anything else and she responded with, "can we talk later?" I'm getting the feeling that she is either going to say she misses me, or that a casual communication is to hard and we should cut all contact. I'm fine with what she wants, but its weird because its seemed we were so genuinely friendly for about a month, we didn't see each other during this time. Any thoughts?


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  • i honestly think she thought this friendship ment you wanted her still and was hurt to hear you had a good time without her

    im not sure but just what it looks like

    ii think you should make it clear that all you want is a friendship, hope things work out for you



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