Is it OK to be with someone even If you don't have a necessary urge to be that way?

Hi, I had a freind and for a period of time I thought something was happening between us, the way she spoke and cared and the way she missed me made me feel like that,
I was under the impression that she is into me.. She even confessed love 2-3 times to which I did not gave an answer as such... Then later after some time, she slept with an other guy and I was like cool.. Anyway I wasn't into her..
But lately I don't feel that much good with her... but she still clings on to me like a freind.. It's negative and dragging but I don't want to lose my buddy also.. I have tried talking about this to her.. But her words and actions don't match... I miss her the way she was before and I m ok to move on.. But she can't be the way she was before and holds on to me as well..
What should I do?


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  • You have to accept that you both have changed, and grown. If things are no longer suiting to you, then you need to let go. This will leave room for more growth, even if it hurts. But before you do, talk to your friend heart to heart.
    Pain propels growth.


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