Narcissist boyfriend how to move on?

I have a narcissist (100% sure) boyfriend since 2 years. We had a small argument and after tht I went on no contact around 20 days meanwhile he was sending messages once in a while like where he is and tht sort of nothing emotional, not even miss u. I just ignored those bcoz I knew he wnted a response and I will be straight back to emotional trauma once again. I was mentally ready for breakup but I dnt knw wht happened to me and I sent him one pic of a thing which we were very emotionally connected to, maybe I just wnted to end things on good terms. He replied with a thumbs up and thts it. Again back to his old behaviour he not even sent a single message after tht. I felt bad nd shameful tht how can I let an emotionally empty person to play with my emotions. I dnt wnt him anymore and wnts to be positive about future but I knw for sure he wil contact me. How to move on nd end this cycle?


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  • You go no contact.

    Get the fucker out of your life.


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