My ex and I have been broken up for a couple weeks now, and we don't talk but we still follow each other on twitter. He is definitely one that likes or posts stuff on twitter because he knows I can see it. He will go from liking stuff about being alone to liking stuff about missing someone... Which is confusing... but as well recently he started liking mean stuff like "If I could unmeet you... I would" and stuff like that... why is he being all over the place? Why is he being so mean or hurtful when he broke up with me?


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  • The break up is obviously hearting him more then it's hearting you in his eyes. And in his sick twisted mind he's trying to take it out on you. I'd block him. It make you life easier. And his.

    • He does deal with like his feelings of making it seem like I'm the bad person or I hurt him, but he was the one that broke up with me and chose this thats why I don't understand

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    • Yeah and it always hurts.

      If it make you feel better. Somewhere deep down he probably does feel that way. But it doesn't make it right what's he doing. And this may also be the way he feels he need to brake up. I'd love to wave a magic wand and make the hurt all go away. But sadly this hurt is what make us stay with someone. It also make us stronger for it.

    • he has to be hurting to right? Like he talked about marrying me and having kids together

  • Well, I don't have Facebook or stuff but seems like he was in love with u. Why did you guys break up?

    • we were in love, we had a very serious relationship and I was the first girl he's ever been so serious about. We broke up because he recently went away to college about 10 hours away from me, and long distance is hard for him and I think he wants to have me but also wants to have the whole college experience

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    • ugh I know it just hurts so bad

    • You are very strong, you will succeed

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