Bad arguments😣😣😣😮😮😮😮😮😮?

Hi , me and my fiance been tog for about 4 years soon , we used to have little arguments , but now our arguments are getting so bad that i end up hitting him , hi pushed ne back and called me a bitch and sometimes i hate him so much , in same time i love him to bits we bought a new home and me in the last 4 week running arround laying flooring , painying and doing all stuff arround and hi is never happy saying that i done it wrong and i need to fix it , make me so sad as i have worked so hard in last 4 weeks to get this little home so we can have our little family that i always wanted , but again hi dont really want kids we keep putting it off in last 2 years , i feel so loney as im hre just for him all my family is in other country , i feel like hi dont love me anymore and things are never gonna change... doing my best to not arguing but hi always takes out whats the worst of me , not sure what to do to to carry on with my life or to keep thinking that things are going to be better , dont think we ever been a happy couples... but is so difficult to leve him 😣😣all my savings are in this house that i feel like we should of never bough it. Need some adviceee plsssssss😐😐😐?


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  • It sounds like he's ungrateful and your violent... Not the way to go... Get counseling...


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  • He shouldn’t hit you. You shouldn’t hit him. Get couples counseling.

    • Thanks , will have a look give it one last chance 😶fingers crossed x😶😶😶

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