Ex is playing games?

So I dumped my ex girlfriend 3 days ago and been doing my own thing, focusing on myself then all of a sudden she randomly text me asking what's wrong with me and how she misses me so bad. She don't know what to do

So I called her a few time to see what she wants from me but is ignoring my calls so I told her to stay the fuck away from me, I feel like she's playing games she's too weird.

Advise me people thanks.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She may just be hure. Honestly, it’s hard to deal with a break up for either genders. Only girls have trouble with it in the beginning. Maybe she want you to be upset she’s not picking up since you hurt her. It’s hard to tell cause I don’t know her personally. Just try to be understanding.


What Guys Said 1

  • Your're the one playing games. You dumped her, of course she'd be sad. Don't call her if you wanted to focus on yourself.


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