How long before getting back involved?

So I've been single for about 4 months from a 6 year relationship, I've been living my life and getting out. I've been talking to a few women. I get told by siblings and peers that I'm moving too fast into trying to get back into a relationship, they even joke about not knowing who I'm talking to this week and that I should just take it slow and have fun. I just like the company but if they say is true and I was down the road think about getting back involved again how long do you think is a good time frame. (we were married)


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  • That depends on you personally. No two people are the same. You can have a moment to reflect on what makes you think that you are ready to go back into dating. Take some time to think about your past relationship and how things turned out, how it makes you feel, how being single makes you feel etc. If you feel like you are rushing because you are lonely, or in a rush to settle down then these are not good reasons to jump back into dating. If emotionally you feel stable and comfortable with your life as it is now and you have completely moved on from your past relationship with no baggage then dating should end up coming naturally to you. There is no set time period of when you can and can't date. It all depends on where you are emotionally and mentally after a split and whether there could be effects on a new relationship. But they are questions that you have to think about.


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