Hmu please ! Any advice would help?

Okay so this guy who I like for about 5 years. But now he acts like he doesn’t know me. We were attracted to one another. I’m so confused rn. When we first met he wanted to ask me to the dance, me being naive tried to ignore him at any circumstances I didn’t like him at the time. But one month later and I had a crush on him. Couple months later he got a girlfriend and ig he forgot about me but I still liked him. The year after he became a f boy he dated a lot of girls that year. He used to talk bad things about me behind my back and I don’t know why if I never did anything bad. After that he liked me and tried to ask me out, since I didn't know and I never had a boyfriend before (still don’t) I ignored him cause I thought he was gonna ask some other girl around me. In April 2016 he again tried to ask me out, but my friends told me to go w them so I did and tbh the only reason I left was cause they kept looking in our direction and I thought he was gonna ask some popular girl out so I left so I won’t witness that. At first I was hurt until he told his friend that I ran away and all his friends said that he should’ve ran to me as well. And then I was like in shock and I was also mad because I was his second choice. We later went to different schools but one day our grade levels had to get get together so I went to his school and I saw him. I was talking to this other guy and he said something funny when he texted me and I smiled. I accidentally smiled at him and he smiled back at me he actually blushed. I see him everyday now. I have to admit I still have feelings for him, but I just don’t like what he did to me back then. He was talking this one day with his friends and out of a sudden they got quiet when they saw me. He looks back at me still when we walk. He tries to get my attention, he tries and block the hallways so I would see him. Please help, what does it all mean? What should I do? I just I don't know how to act around him.


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  • He's interested in you, probably too pussy to talk to you now so if you want to take initiative go for it


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