This guy used me to get over his ex. How do I get passed this?

He ended up getting back with her. I still remember the night he told me, and I think it about it everyday. What did I do that I wasn't enough? Why didn't he just leave me alone so he could work this shit out himself?

We haven't talked in 7 months and I'm still angry, I'm sad and bitter. I cry about it all the time. Tonight I talked to my friend about it and she said "It sucks for you but I understand where he was coming from," basically taking up for him and I'm even more pissed.

I'm ready to get over this but I'm lost.


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  • You were a rebound relationship. Unfortunately, it happens. In order to try and get over their ex or because they are lonely and weren't coping with the break up at all or even bothered to try people enter into a relationship when they aren't committed or ready for a new relationship.
    It's an unfair move but it is fairly common. In order to distract themselves and less lonely they date someone purely for the sake of dating and not because they are ready or in love with that person. But rebound relationship don't work out because there is baggage left over from the previous relationship that hasn't been solved, so everything falls apart.
    It's unfortunate that it happened to you but you were used by him. And it is becoming more accepted by society to have a rebound because people are afraid of being alone. But you are stronger than this. Get through the grief properly and let out your emotions but know that you didn't deserve this and he didn't deserve you. It's a tough life lesson to really get to know the person you are dating.


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  • Try think like a guy for a second, you were beautiful enough for him to forget about his ex.. yeah it was a jerk move but look at the bright side ;) you man stealer you;)


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