I’m 17 and two years ago I was in a relationship. It was a total disaster. My boyfriend cheated on me just because I didn’t want to have sex with him. After that I really broke down and I can’t have a good behavior even with my father cause I hated all men and boys. Now someone asked me to fall in love with but even though I think I love him I can’t do this. One of my problems is that I’m not so beautiful but he has blue eyes and blond hair ( I have brown eyes and brown hair) and I feel maybe he leaves me one day cause they are many girls more beautiful than me. And the other thing is that I don’t want to have sex until I get married and I don’t know if I tell him! and if I told would he accept that? please HELP
I’m really tired of being so lonely


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  • Broken hearted look in the mirror and smile because i can tell your you are so beautiful with in... i will also tell you i can be a true friend right now and be 100% totally honest with you good people's hearts get broken I don't know what your dad told you but I'm sure whatever it is he's trying to save you from hurting the boy who cheated on you he's just a fool you going to be a cheater all his life the boy with the beautiful blue eyes I'm sorry to say but he's lying to you he's going to try and dry and try to get in your pants until either you walk away from him are you give in to him I hope you were able to walk away and understand that you are in a Time and age for boys that are your age are after one thing I'm going to tell you this right now to this is what hundred percent honest truth you are going to fall in love and more times you're going to be disappointed many time I want you to remember this there are over five million different types of love I can tell you you have a good heart and going to love everybody I love yourself first watch out for these boys

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I really don’t want to hurt again so I take your advice ☺️☺️

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    • Your so kind. 😊 you made me feel much better now

    • Hey. How are you thank you fir the best answer so how are things gojng

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  • On the looks issue: if he's seeing you, he likes what he's seeing, so take confidence from that.
    On the sex issue: When the topic comes up, just explain to him that you don't want to have sex until you're married. If I were I'd probably bring this up asap, because for a lot of young guys this is a deal breaker. And you could just cause yourself more misery by dragging it out.

    • You know many guys just want to have fun with what they see!
      But I really think you’re right

  • You are an amazing person. You’re one of a kind. There is no one else in this world like you. You are one of the best things someone could ever have. You don’t need to worry about anything.

    If they decide to do those things to you, then you know they do not deserve you. You know there will be someone better despite the lies you tell yourself that maybe, he’s the best you can ever have. You have seven other billion people left. You just have to be strong enough to let go and to stand by what is best for you. Do not be anxious or insecure. The wrong ones will be weeded out by their own doing.

    Do not think of heartbreak as misery, but as a blessing — a sign from fate, a heads up from the world. Be thankful that you found out soon enough and that you can start over again. I know it hurts, it will hurt, and you will feel like your world is crumbling down around you and your heart is in physical pain but you will get over that…just like you have before. And see, well, you’re still alive. You’re still here. You can still smile. You can feel pain. That’s good. You’re human.

    You have to realize that forcing yourself to the wrong person is just keeping you away from the right one. You don’t deserve to cry. You don’t deserve to be curling in pain, yet you allow yourself to. Partly because you still think things could change, partly because you think who you’re with is the one you’re supposed to be with, and sometimes because you don’t know what else to hold on to. You’re lost. That’s okay. Take your first step. Now you’re going somewhere.

    You have to accept that things will happen, and they are beyond your control. You control you and decide for you, not for anyone else. You have to accept that people will screw up and mess up no matter how many times you beg them not to. Their thoughts are different from yours. Accept that and know that a person who really loves you will continuously decide to not do anything that will hurt you. You don’t even have to worry about it.

    Trust me — one day you’ll look back and smile because you know that one of the best things you’ve ever done was let go of someone who you thought you loved, someone who might have loved you at some point, too, but who in the end was never really right for you.

    Hope it helps. 😊🇮🇳

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  • All guys are not same so as all women. Try to move ahead and yes you need some time for yourself to get into another relationship.

    I have read it somewhere :

    I treasured you in my heart,
    I wished we'd never be apart,
    Coz you're the best thing I've ever had,
    I never thought I could be this sad.

    You told me you're better off alone,
    Somehow I believed you and I tried to be strong.
    Deep inside me I know something is wrong,
    But because I loved you I continued to hold on.

    And then one day I woke up with tears in my eyes,
    I told myself "that's enough" and so I realized,
    That I've given everything I've ever had,
    But despite all of these, you chose to break my heart.

    It's true I've never been perfect,
    But I thought you told me that every one has it's own defects,
    I know I hurt you, I know I made you cry,
    But I've always been true to you, my love was never a lie.

    So go on, live your life the way it should be,
    I'm finally letting go, so now you're free,
    I'm moving on, but I will always remember,
    The friend I had in you that I hope I'll have forever.

  • ahh to all the questions about refraining till marrage, I believe you shoudl keep an open mind about it. my only point is that saying, if the sex is bad thats 20% of marrage, but if the sex is good its 80% of the marrage. but otherwise I wouldn't say it straight up, but let him know later on

  • If you like him. Go for it. Heart break is just a part of life. And something we get better at surviving. But if you don't want to have sex before state that before starting the relationship or things can get messy

  • If he really loves you too he should be able to accept your values. Otherwise you will probably feel worse if you continue with him.
    Of course sex is a big thing in a relationship. It has a big impact on them. An alternative would be that you'd give in and start accepting sex before mariage. You'd probably feel better then.

  • just tell him the truth, that you want to wait till marriage, if he's meant to be in your life, then he will stay, otherwise he will leave, and someone more better than him will come

  • Loving is hard because untill you find the one it will hurt however you have to play the game to win

  • Get new boyfriend, but there is no point all guys willl ask sex from you


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  • Firstly, you should work on your confidence, this can be tough when you have been cheated on but you have to always recognise your worth. You are a unique individual who deserves to be happy. It doesn't matter what other women look like, what matters is that he has chosen you. However, validation should come from yourself and not from him. So my first point is to take some steps in order to build up your confidence, write positive messages to yourself and leave them around your bedroom, every time you look in the mirror give yourself one compliment etc.
    Secondly, if you are serious about your value of 'waiting until marriage' then that is your choice and it is an admirable one. This is something that you will have to discuss with any potential partner, including this one. It is not fair to withhold that and for one of you to end up in a position they don't want to be in. It can be disheartening if he doesn't want to continue a relationship anymore because of this, but if this is the case then he isn't the one for you. Stick to your principles and don't settle for less out of desperation because you feel lonely, because that is not the right reason to enter into a relationship.
    Before you enter into a committed relationship, work on yourself and how you view yourself, don't belittle yourself or live in anothers shadow because you will never be happy otherwise.

    • Thank you so much for your complete and helpful comment ☺️☺️☺️

    • No worries, I hope that it helps and that you end up happy :)

  • I would tell him straight up and if he can't respect your life decision then he has no place in your life he should except you for you not for your vagina

  • Listen sweetie, life is short, one day you are young and beautiful the other you are waiting to pick up your kids from practice. Maybe the guy likes you and sex after 8 months od being in a relationship sounds pretty legitimate to me (I am from Europe by the way with Christian parents). Thing is sex isn't just a form of pleasure for the guy you will marry, it's a form of pleasure for you too. And honestly if he is handsome then even better for you. Of course you don't have to do anything you think you won't enjoy. Also waiting for marriage doesn't count when he doesn't know. You should really tell him, but please consider what I said. Sex is one of the pleasures in life, especially if it's with a person you care about. Also you don't have to have intercourse the first time you are on a bed together


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