Why is the divorce rate so high, especially in western countries, if love marriages work?

if love marriage & unhappy -> divorce
if arranged marriage & unhappy -> stay together
Regardless of any differences in happiness, you'll find many more love marriages result in divorce than arranged marriages.


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  • Because it is more socially acceptable now to get divorced. It is OK now to exit a marriage where you feel unhappy in and rightly so. People shouldn't be forced to stay in unhappy marriages or make their kids go through the trauma of having unhappy parents who constantly fight. Also people now have more resources to survivive without having to rely on a partner.

    Arranged marriages can lead to people being trapped, especially women and in very poor countries where it just opens the window for the women to be abused and having to stay and accept it otherwise she will be shamed by her culture and community. That is frankly disgusting and by no means a good thing.

    Also why the hell would you WANT to be in a unhappy marriage. You say it as if arranged marriages is a accomplishment but in reality how is it a good situation or outcome if you have 2 people who do not get along and who are married. Then it makes the entire thing completely pointless.


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  • Because people rush into relationships and marriage not knowing people instead they look at what they have or how they look and not them as a person they then realise that they don't like each other as people


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  • Because people have the mentality of 'If this marriage doesn't work out, I'll just find someone else' as well as the couple normally had a really sexual relationship beforehand and aren't compatible romanticly.
    My girlfriend and I are a good example of a couple who are comfortable with each other romanticly. We kiss, hug and flirt and all that, but we don't have sex. We're much, much closer then the majority of couples that I know of that have sex.

    • Well Said.
      If everything happens soo fast, its not gonna last for long.
      Build your relation slowly, but steadily. Keep the relationship interesting, save some passion and physical desires for tomorrow so that ur partner will be more curious. He/she would not be bored.

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    • Thats the way to go, slower the building of relation, more the strength of bonding.

    • We don't fight at all. We get along really well. If we have a disagreement, we talk it out.

  • P sure that's because women in arranged marriages can't get out of them unless one of them dies a lot of the time

  • Its become so easy to cheat. And the slightest unconvince or fight is usually why they will. They never cared enough to try. That's why.
    People have to WANT it to work and work at it.

    • Yeah, people start taking everything for granted.
      More Respect. Less Ego. More Patience. Less Anger.

    • I so agree.
      I think to many people just don't respect relationships anymore.

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  • Because arranged marriages are often forced. The lack of freedom to get out is the crucial thing here.

    In the civilised world people are able to divorce when in an unhappy marriage so they do it. No point in staying in an unhappy marriage


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