Do girls ever come back once they are really gone?

Okay so I was a total jerk to this girl. I admit it but I just can't leave her alone. I don't know why. She is so sweet and offers to bake me cookies but I curse at her whenever she suggests it. I don't want no damn cookies. Buy me something. I test her to see if she really likes me or not all the time. I tell her to leave me alone and to stop texting me whenever she tries to speak... one day I made her cry and I felt like a piece of shit. I apologized and she forgave me. I told her I just wanted to be friends now. But she wants a relationship. Then I told her to leave me alone. Like I do whatever I can to push her away... I curse at her, block her, call her annoying and usually she would stick around. But this time when I pushed her away she says she's done and is moving on. I think I found someone else... I don't know. I called her ugly just for that. Will she ever come back? Or is she gone for good?


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  • She's gone and for good. You certainly didn't want someone like her. She'll definitely find someone better than you.

  • Well, she'll probably find someone better


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