Here is what my mum said " Ok so here are the rules. You are a 16 year old boy. Not a grown up. You live in my house. Not your house. So you will live by my rules. Not yours.
Your rent is £40 per week. You shall be home by 10.30 every single night unless prior arranged that You can stay out. Staying out is also something you must ask to do.
You will be here from 5.30 to 7.30 pm Monday to Friday to look after your sister. Fully professional childminders get paid £4 an hour if they are over 30. So your payment will be £2 an hour as you are not qualified and are half the age. You will do this over the 5 days and this will pay £20 towards your rent. You shall also have your sister all day Saturday which is 9 hours at £2 per hour. This is £18 per week. This just covers your bike insurance. You will go to work for Dave for £40 take home a day Monday and Tuesday. This is your money to cover running / fixing costs of your bike, and your travel too and from collage. Work does not have inset days. Work does not have half term. You shall be present and ready and waiting every single Monday and Tuesday at 6.30am on the dot. You will also do all your own washing and washing up, and keep your side of the bedroom clean. You are renting it from me, it does not belong to you, therefore you must look after it.
If you do not wish to live by these rules then please come to the house during the day today, and remove all of your belongings, lock the door, and post your key through the letter box. This will not mean we have fallen out, I will still love you as you are my son, it will just mean you have decided to spread your wings and move on.
If you decide that you can in fact live by the rules of the house, then you shall be here at 5.30pm sharp for your shift to start." If you decide to go, there will be no coming back, I shall change the room around and get rid of Jamie's bed and he can have yours, so you see it will be impossible for you to return, so I would think long and hard"
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