Is it worth it?

You married your high school sweetheart, and have been together 20 years.
You're both happy together, and still very much in love.

But they have developed a medical condition which causes them to act out their dreams while sleeping. Up to and including full sex acts, mechanic work, house chores, fighting with zombies, cleaning firearms, etc.

And yes, I am the most likely target for any of his parasomnia episodes.

What would you do?


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  • Counseling.
    I have and three of my friends have ptsd. It took a while but once we open up to talking... it literally seemed to start working for the better. I stopped going and then I started to act and talk out my dreams of work again. I am looking to go back to counceling. I promise it works

    • Thank you.
      I've been trying to push counseling, but... stubborn.

    • Has he gone through anything that would cause ptsd

    • At least 4 events by my account which are likely.

      But no diagnoses as yet.

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  • Need meds. Get in touch with physician


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  • This actually sounds fun to me. But I'm the kind of person to indulge in absurdities. I wouldn't mind a nocturnal adventure every once in a while.

    • You are a strange soul.
      Though I would be curious to know what the answer is after you're me familiar with it...
      There are some decent video & audio recordings of episodes available on YouTube.

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    • 10% is a pretty high number of occurrences. It doesn't sound fun to fear for your life 10% of the time that you sleep. You may need to sleep in separate rooms and lock your door at night. The other 90% could be an adventure though. It reminds me of when I use to be a caregiver. One of my residents with dementia would forget the present and just behave like it was 20 years ago, where life was good for her. Even though I wasn't apart of her past, she was familiar enough with me to subconsciously integrate me into it. She'd treat me very well and I'd live her past with her for a while. We'd talk about her family and her hopeful plans. Some nights, she returned to a bad memory. She'd be worried about where her husband is. She'd forget that he already past away years ago. I try to change the topic for her, but when I fail, I sadly have to remind her of the present. Can you imagine reliving the news of the death of your husband over and over? Overall, very sweet woman though.

    • Sure it can sound like an adventure. But when you wake up you have no idea what's happened. No recollection of events that happened or things that are said. You can say things you don't mean and express emotions that are not true.

      Top that of with each time you goto sleep you don't know if you are going to hurt your self or someone else.

      The adventure isn't an adventure.

  • If you want it to work it will work...
    Maybe you need a small break?
    Breaks are healthy and might bring you 2 closer

  • Sleep hugging so you can wake up every time they wake up ^^

  • Get them all the help possible and never give up because love is powerful and can endure

  • Sleep in another room.

  • Tie him down I guess


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