My boyfriend left me i'm pregnant, what shall I do?

My boyfriend is an American and I'm Chinese. We've been together 2 and half years. Ten days ago he sneaked away from me when I was out of town. He left 5 emails to me. It was like "when you are reading this email I am on the plane to go home". He told me he wasn't in love with me anymore, our relationship had problems.
He planned this secretly, even the day before he left I told him i might pregnant. But he still gone.
I didn't say anything about this. I predicted he would do this because he is not stable and reasonable. He made a group chat to tell everyone I am a horrible person. I kept quiet about everything. At the fourth day he started to send me email, say how much he misses me, I didn't say anything about the situation, it hurts him. It shows I don't care.
After another 3 days I went to the hospital, got the hospital report of the pregnancy. I kept thinking about if I need to tell him. Then I think he has the right to know. I messenged him I'm pregnant with the test results. He seemed happy. He told this to his group chat friends. All his friends only know all the bad things he said about me. They all think I was faking it. They said very bad things to me and he started to call me a liar.
I sent the ultrasound report to him the next day, he started to believe it's real. He post my ultrasound report to the group chat let everyone laugh at me.
The next day he totally changed his mind. He started to beg me marry him. He apologized the wrong things he has done, confessed he took my money secretly when he was leaving. It was $6000. Say how much he loves me, I am a great great girl he will move back to China in one month. I think he is a horrible person and a thief. There is no way I would marry this guy.
After I said no to him two days in row, he started to say very mean things to me. I am not sure should I stop talking to him or let him get involved in the process and be the father. I don't want he takes my baby to America.
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He is keeping apologizing to me and paid 80% of my money back. "I knew in my heart you were pregnant, I should not have listened to them or let them that close in our personal life. Please know from bottom of my heart I am very sorry for that"

He really wants a baby. He is only nice to me when he wants something from me.
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Hi everyone, I just found out that he took more money from me. He went to my apartment and took the cash when I wasn't there. He is in America now. Is there any possibility to get my money back?
My boyfriend left me i'm pregnant, what shall I do?
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