She wants me to chase her but I want her back?

Hey so my ex girlfriend broke up with me about 5 months ago. She sadly played quite a bit of mind games. She anticipated me to chase her but I never did. It was quite obvious to everybody as we always are in the same social circle. So we see each other like twice a week because of school and our friends and stuff like that. The reason why she broke up with me was because she needed space.

Regardless, she is a beautiful woman with a great heart when I was with her.

I want her back as my girlfriend because I do love her.

Last time I saw her was at school last week. As I was leaving school, she was entering school and she kinda stared at me with a bit of a sad face. I simply ignored it and minded my own business.

Then, in one of the classes the teacher ended up pairing me and her best friend together. During out assignment, he said a lot of good things about me and we joked around quite a bit too.

What to do if I want her back?


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  • You can start with being open and welcoming when you see her, I would have thought.
    You can sound out her friend who you got on with.

    • What do you mean "you can sound out her friend who you got on with" ?

    • Talk to the friends of hers that you were paired with for your assignment. Ask him if she still wants to be friends.

  • Not sure. I don't do exes. They are exes for a reason.

  • Say Hi and take it from there


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