Girls, what are reasons you won’t text your ex after an amicable breakup?

If it was a pretty amicable breakup (the guy suggesting you stop dating because you (the girl) don’t have time (insane work schedule)-what would be reasons you don’t initiate texts with him? Not interested or scared to say anything?

In my case, I brought up how she never has time and she felt terrible and does really like me but agreed she’s too busy to date.

It’s been two weeks haven’t heard from her


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  • I’ve always been the one to end relationships so I can’t put myself in her exact position. But normally I still have feelings for them and they usually don’t want to commit or the communication is way off or we’re both on 2 different pages. Because of that, I usually try not to contact them. I’ll even unfollow them on social media. Then when I’m ready I’ll follow them back and am able to be friends, but texting... not so much. There’s not a whole lot to talk about unless you guys were friends before the breakup. Every once in a while I’ll tag them in a meme or something lol, but only with friendly intentions.

    • (I meant if you guys were friends before you were in a relationship lol)

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    • Give it some time. If she does want to still be with you, she’ll reach out. Some people just aren’t ready for a relationship. There’s always the future. Or you can take the reigns and reach out to her instead. Tell her your true feelings about the whole situation. See how she reacts.

      No, from the looks of his stories and just knowing the kind of person he was, I think he just wasn’t ready or didn’t know how to be in a relationship. I would rather have talked it out, but his communication was sparse and he didn’t like to express his feelings. I think when I broke it off, he was waiting for me to change my mind, but if he’s not willing to make an effort, neither am I. And you should do the same.

    • That makes a lot of sense. She really likes her independence and spending time alone. That has been consistent for as long as we had been going out. I just was wondering if she’s seeing anyone else and wasn’t being honest with me about not having time to date

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  • I don't text exs, because I have nothing to say to them. I don't want to keep in contact, because why would I? If the relationship is over and you decided it's not working out, it's time to let it go and move on.

  • What is there to say though? The relationship didn’t work out, what reason is there to keep in contact?

    • To be honest, I really liked her and sensed she wasn’t finding time to hang out. Like twice in a month. We weren’t exclusive just dating for like two months. I think she was surprised when I told her maybe we should split. But she didn’t fight back she said she doesn’t have time to date anyone. So I guess I wish she would text because I still want to be with her.

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    • Not having time means they don’t have time though. Whether or not you agree with their interpretation of their availability or what they could do to give you more time; it’s simply not her priority and it’s not going to happen.
      One of the biggest mistakes people make with dating is not listening to what people tell them, and want to change their mind or interpret their words to mean something else. It rarely ends well 😕

    • That’s what I was firm, not angry, over the phone with her. Understanding but disappointed ya know? Because whatever it meant, not like I can call her a liar. She’s never given me a reason to think she’s lying

  • Probably trying to get over you and best rule always is no contact.


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