Does my friend with benefits have a right to get jealous?

my ex boyfriend and i are now friends with benefits. he got jealous over another guy and something i did. our breakup wasn't for severe reasons. does he have a right to be jealous?
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  • Feelings never need to be justified. If he feels jealous. . . that is how he feels. He can't make himself stop feeling jealous if you think his jealousy is unjustified.


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  • You just broke it off with him in a serious relationship, choosing to be friends with benefits and you are annoyed at him for being jealous? He probs just agreed to the whole friends with benefits thing so he could be with you.
    What do you think? Fucking hell, use your brain lol.

    Of course he has feelings attached as he was your boyfriend before.
    You can't just turn off your feelings for someone and expect them to be OK with your advances in other men.
    I'm sorry but this is a dumb question lol

    • I didn’t say who broke up with who idiot

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    • Lmao, alright. Jeez. I little bit more description would have been nice.

    • A****

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What Guys Said 5

  • First of all a good question. Should he be jealous no because he chose to be friends with benefits with you. It means that you can be with whoever you want and whether he likes it or not that is the status. Maybe he has women too it hurts he's ego. That's how young kids are

  • Yes, your still in a sexual relationship and the whole friends with benefits thing is a dumb fantasy there's always gonna be feelings attached unless their robots, especially if he was ur ex boyfriend

  • You're not exclusive anymore. He has no say in what you do.

  • Why girls agrees for friends with benefits? My ex had never proposed such. Please help me how to approach.

    • I agreed because I still like him and have feelings for him

    • OK nice good luck

  • He's not your boyfriend anymore so he has no business getting mad.

    • You'd be mad too

    • Nope i was in a similar situation once and i gave no fucks about it. The next guy can have her crazy ass

    • Were talking if u were still having sex with her though

What Girls Said 2

  • jealous ex has a fwb?
    that is a recipe for disaster lol

  • Has no rights


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