Why Did he do that?

Ok so my ex and I recently broke up, like a few days ago, I guess you can say we both wanted it right kinda, anyways yeah after the break up we ended good I guess, I came at him bad bc I was mad due to the fact that when I broke up w/ him the first time him and his ex started commenting on eachother stuff on Instagram, that’s when I came at him bad and we started to cool things off, he told me he won’t speak bad about me that I was chill and real bc I was there for him and all that, the distance fucked it up big team we lived in the same city just that we couldn’t see eachother all the time. We didn’t last long but man it felt like it did, Im not hella sad but it’s whatever you know? I don't know if him and his ex are back together yet lol. But he blocked me off Facebook and Instagram like wow what I do if we ended it good


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  • He feels like your invading his privacy. He wants to do him , and you to do you. He most likely is back with her or is fooling around.

    • I thought the same to, but I don't know If he was feeding me lies bc he said oh yeah you’re the only girl I been with that I can talk to like whatever like he can be himself & not w/ other girls I know it shouldn’t bother me bc I ended it but damn it’s sad fr

    • Girl... Guys will say whatever to get what they want or to have satisfaction in the situation. You can't ever take anyone for their word. Actions speak louder than words. He sounds like he messes around a lot I have heard many say that and they turn out to be screw ups. The truth always comes to the light. If not now or soon you'll hear or see some stuff you wouldn't of expected.

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