Reaction of ex after the break up?

Hi, i have dated my first ex 3-4 years and recently left about 1 week ago. He emotionally cheated on me (i know its not a big deal but it was for me because deleting text messages is like hiding something or staying in the bathroom for 1+ hour on the toilet talking to her or keep texting this female friend to text or call him. These actions were not ok for me) But I can't move on because of how we broke up. I decided to have a talk with him telling him that I dont blame him and explain how i feel instead but all he did when we talk was blaming me for literally, everything. Now, the part that I don’t understand is that when i went back to the old apartment, it was decorated with Halloween stuffs, a spiderman PJ (this never happen or what i say out of ordinary). Literally look like he moves on pretty quickly since it only been a week. Does this mean that he never loved me and I have been in a lie?
Reaction of ex after the break up?
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