Getting over the heartbreak of someone leaving?

I’ve been seeing this guy for three months. It wasn’t serious to start but recently we both caught the feels. I've never known love but this is probably about as close as I’ve gotten. In a couple of weeks he’s moving back home. Overseas. Across the other side of the world. Don’t know when or if I’ll ever see him again.

It hasn’t even happened yet and I’m devastated. I’ve cried. I honestly don’t know what to do.

How do you get over the heartbreak of someone leaving?


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  • Is there any possibility that you two are compatible for LTR? Have you fantasized about being married to him?

    • Were both realists and Australia to the UK is just too far...

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    • To an extent but it won’t change anything... his visa is ending, he can’t stay even if he wanted to.

    • But you could make plans to visit each other and if things work out, one of you could plan on moving.

  • Basically by realising that eventually it will go well for you.

  • Tbh there's nothing to do, you move on and continue to live. As hard as it sounds it's the only way.


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