People are saying its OK to cheat because we are animals?

they do it so should we. if that is the case, then why do people feel betrayal, feel cheated, heartbroken why do people long to be a couple, why is raising a child with two parents good and better, we could have the kid tossed around for all we care. not that single parents do bad job). why feel naturally heartbroken, why do we even use the term cheat, it implies something against the natural older of things

what the hell is going on here

why do we have STD's, if its natural

why the secrecy

why the guilty


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  • Cheating is not okay. But to me, it's not the actual acts that are done when someone cheats (i.e. having sex with someone else), it's the lies and deception that tend to go hand-in-hand with it. Of course we're going to feel "naturally heartbroken" when someone that we trust and that is supposed to be honest with us lies to us and breaks that trust.

    That said, I don't think that monogamy is necessarily the "natural order of things". Sure, a lot of people prefer monogamy and believe that it is the only "right" kind of relationship to have, but not everyone feels this way. Some people are naturally non-monogamous. They often choose to have open relationships--because they don't beieve in lying to their partners about the fact that they may have a close relationship and/or have sex with someone else. Other people may be non-monogamous, but either don't realize that having an open relationship is an option, can't find someone else who is interested in this kind of relationship that they're interested in, have jealousy or insecurity issues (so they would be upset if their partner could see other people as well), or subscribe to the idea that they SHOULD be monogamous, even though they don't really feel that way. In these cases, the person may cheat, or simply never commit to a relationship. (I'm not saying that this is the only reason people cheat, sometimes it's that they get a thrill from doing something "bad", they aren't getting what they want/need from their relationship, etc.).

    Sex with multiple partners, even if you're in a relationship, isn't necessarily a bad thing (provided you're open and honest about it and practice safe sex). We are socialized to think of the person we're in a relationship with as belonging to us. When they share intimacy with other people, we see this as something that is being taken away from us. But what is being taken away from you? Would you be upset if your girlfriend went out one evening to hang out with her female friends? Probably not (unless you're in an unhealthy relationship where you don't allow each other to have other friends). So if instead of seeing her girlfriends, she hangs out with a male friend and they have sex. Nothing in your relationship has changed--she still loves you, still wants to be with you, still wants to be with you, still has sex with you. It's not taking time away from your relationship, since she would have spent that time apart from you anyway. As long as you have a solid and healthy relationship, there's no reason for her to want to leave you for this other person. The only difference is that she shared an intimate moment with someone else (but, I mean, sometimes a meaningful conversation can be more intimate than sex, so should she avoid talking to other people so that she won't end up having that kind of intimate moment with someone other than you as well?).

    • As far as raising children is concerned, two parents raising a child isn't always better. It's only better if you assume that the parents are GOOD parents, and that they're both able to contribute to the well-being of the child (i.e. two incomes, or one parent is able to work while the other stays home to raise the children). In many cases, one single GOOD parent would do a better job than one bad parent and one good parent, or two bad parents.

    • Another good thing about having two parents involved is that you have two adults to teach you different things and two role models--but as long as you have positive adult rolemodels in your life, it doesn't matter so much whether or not they're your parents. They could be grandparents, aunts/uncles, close family friends, etc.

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  • cheating would mean you'd have to have a relationship. why even bother having one if you just want to go out and have sex with every other thing...why string someone along? if you want have sex with a bunch of people, be single.

  • Humans are monogamous and also we're hypocritically with everything that we say. So when we say that we want one partner and cheat, we're being hypocrites.

  • Actually, humans are one of the few animals/mammals that are monogamous; our instinct is to find that one partner in life.

    So, Cheating is cheating, especially in a committed relationship. Think about it, in a relationship, each person should be on the same page about where its going, and where they want to take it; but if one person cheats, to the other person, they will feel that betrayal as they're probably imagining wedding bells in the future while the cheater doesn't see a future and didn't tell them of it, etc.


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