Will he come back to me again?

my ex boyfriend and I was together for a year then he broke up with me because he needed space I had to move out and then he wouldn't talk to me and said he doesn't want to talk about what happened I got upset and bothered him and he ended up coming back and saying he wants to be together but wants to work on things but slowly I didn't understand the slow thing and he didn't invite me to the party he was going to so I got mad and we got into a fight a week later we got back together and spent 3 days together and then he said he needed space again and I got mad and texted him and now he is mad again. I know its not a booty call because the time we were together after we broke up we only had sex once but when I was over with him he cuddled with me and called me baby and told me to have a good day when I left and gave me kisses and I know he cares. will he come back because he asked for space but since I love him I haven't gave it to him and mad him mad so now he won't talk to me? I know I made him mad because I didn't listen to him when he told me he needed space but can't love overcome anything? and since he has come back before after me doing this won't he come back again? do you guys think I need to give him time to think and miss me because I haven't I have been bothering him and guys will he still think about me and him and miss me even tho he is mad?


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  • There is only so much a guy can take before he will permanently leave. You are relying on the fact that he came back a couple of times, but don't rely on that he will keep doing it, cos that is giving you false security and you do need to be realistic.

    You keep getting angry with him and he then in turn gets angry with you and then you are both mad at each other and he leaves or you leave. Anytime anger is involved it is the result of either lack of communication or understanding. when I say communication, I mean being able to talk, listen and understand each other. If you get angry, no one listens, there is only shouting or talking over each other. So it serves as no help in the situation.

    You do need to give him some respect, in what he needs with regards to space. He wanted to work on the relationship, by taking things slowly. He may not have invited you to the party because he wanted sometime to himself, so to speak. It is not a big deal, people can do stuff on their own in a relationship, (personal space ) but also together.

    It is up to him to contact you or if he decides to come back to you, if he wants to, you will hear from him. But you should not contact him until he is ready to make a move either way.

    You just need to be patient. Just keep occupied, go out with friends, have a laugh. eat an ice cream, read a book, paint or decorate your bedroom, just keep busy


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