Do you believe in Karma? When have you seen someone get there kummuppits?

My ex, (who I still have feelings for) was playing me and messing me round, I forgave him and never made him beg for any forgiveness etc, and we are still friends.

Today he told me that he was riding his bike to work and got pulled up for speeding, and lost both his car AND bike license for 3 months.

Its weird cause one of the excuses he had for breaking up was that he wanted to be able to ride his bike more and he couldn't do all that while he had a girlfriend. But now he can't ride his bike for 3 months. I reckon it was karma. When have you experienced it?


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  • Broke up with you so he could ride his bike? That's so special.

    I don't think it's karma. I believe it's irresponsibility.

    Count your lucky stars that you're broken up.


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  • I believe in man made Karma. Someone d***s with me, I will f*** them up - Karma


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  • ever read "I hope they serve beer in hell"? its a hilaroius book but the guy in it has terrible Karma

  • lol,..yeah

    when you feel it , its a karma ...

    i think ~


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