Husband tells you he cheated? But is more worried about his feeling on it, is this right?

He says he cheated on you with your sister, do you go through your wife's phone to see where you stand with her?
Also when you do go through and she texted on a website that you together have, But husband says don't talk with out me. And she talks to that person. But we have talked about she answers your questions, then once it's bed time you bring it up again and say you are defensive and this is why I can't ask u something.
Question do you as a husband /man address that same question you already talked about?
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  • Cheaters don't care about anyone other than themselves.


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  • This doesn’t make any sense... you’ve jumped to a different persons perspective half way through so it’s not clear what the issue is

    • Well, I talked to a guy on this site with every attention to let him read it and then he told me that he slept with her. So I totally forgot about it. I have showed him every message we have gotten. But he forgets. But really I shouldn't have forgotten. But my husband has a routine in going through my phone. I don't delete a thing but he thinks im hiding things. Either way I think all this overwhelming for me.

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