I'm in love with my ex who has a new girlfriend. How do I get him back?

We dated for 3 years and then were off and on for 2. I wanted to see what else was out there for me in the world and we both weren't mature enough for such a serious relationship.

I've been in a couple other relationships but none of them come close to comparing to what I had with this guy so I recently got in touch with him again.

I knew he had a girlfriend but, and I'm saying this in the nicest way possible, she isn't that physically attractive so I thought I still had a chance at getting him back. I made him dinner last week and he revealed that they have a great relationship and she buys him everything and takes them on dates a lot. She has one up on me.

Still, it didn't stop him from holding me and kissing me and telling me that he wants to be with me again but he knows someone has to get hurt.

We've talked and texted since that night but it's hard to see one another because of his girlfriend. I want to know if I have a real shot here or if I'm just wasting my time. I thought of asking him directly but I don't want to push him into her arms.

Another key fact is that they claim to have been official for almost a year but during this past year he has been at my side whenever I needed him and we did have a sexual relationship (before I knew he was seeing her).

Any words of advice? I wouldn't be doing this or asking this if I didn't believe that he is the one for me.


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  • I hate to hear women being SECOND PLACE.

    He is still with this chick and you are claiming how he still holds you and you are having sex with this guy. You are both are wrong and belong together because you guys are going to hurt her because you both are selfish. But hey maybe if you wait a couple of more years, he will finally dump her. Good Luck!

    • I'm not sleeping with him.... lol. We may not be doing the right thing but it isn't an easy situation. And I'm not willing to wait a couple of years, that's why I posted this question. I need to know what steps I can take to get him back now. But the only conclusion that I can come up with ON MY OWN is that I need to be frank with him and address the situation as it is. This site is like ZERO help.

    • Well, this site to me is better than Yahoo Answers...lol

      But I really don't know what to tell you about trying to steal someone's else man. I don't think that is cool.., But hey Angelina Jolie got away with maybe you can too...lol

  • You deserve someone who cares for you as much as you care for them. If he doesn't drop hasn't dropped his girlfriend for you, he clearly doesn't think of you how you think of him. You deserve better... get over him!

    • You really think so? I just thought that maybe he is too afraid to hurt this girl because she has been nothing but nice to him....

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    • Yep, well, that's my opinion. Of course you'll do what you want, and you know what's best for yourself, so good luck :)

    • Of course, thank you.

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