Why guys when girl breaks up with them, neck on with another girl in front of them?

I've noticed and experienced myself that girls who broke up with their boyfriends, he to get revenge , makes out with another girl in front of ex girlfriend just to make her jelaous, why they have to do that?


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  • Guys like that are on an ego trip. They think they still have power over the girl they broke up with. So doing that in front of the ex gives them some personal satisfaction, especially if the ex shows any negative emotion when he does that.

    The best thing to do, is totally ignore it as if it was no big deal and absolutely show zero emotion toward it. In fact keep on with a conversation as if they don't exist, no matter how much it hurts you inside.

    The other thing you can do is remind yourself how thankful you are to have that jerk out of your life. If this is how he behaves, he's nothing more than a "little" person anyway, someone excessively immature. You sure don't need idiots like that as your boyfriend or worse - married to them.

    • Yeah and on top of that he was looking at me and the girl also... i was with a big group of friends..

    • I hope you were able to not give him the satisfaction. Just a quick glance and go back to what you were doing - like so what. I hope you find a really great guy who loves you for yourself.

    • Yeah I just showed him a middle finger along with my firiend. I left him so I couldnt be hurt hahaha

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  • To show the girl he doesn't need the girl.

    • It doesn't make sense, because making girl jelaous has to be involved he wouldn't take another girl in front of her eyes with his tongue in her throat. Its some kind of revenge thing, especially if girl is hot af.

What Girls Said 2

  • Because they're cringey

  • you gave its answer just to make jealous


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