The old fashioned "we need to talk"?

I have been so devastated lately. For 8 months, I have been dating the most amazing guy. I really truly love him. The only problem is that I have insecurities... and too many at that. Every time we start with exams, he starts distancing himself because he wants to focus on studying. I understand that, but I am a person who likes being around someone... especially someone I love. So, this fight, we've had 4 times this year... three times he has forgiven me for it and now we have fought again and he said "we need to talk" and he never said that before. I am terrified of losing him. I know, I shouldn't be scared because there are many guys out there and I don't necessarily need a relationship, but no one has ever treated me as well as he has. No one has shown me so much love and he has grown with me through my university life for 2 years now. He is a big part of me and that's why I don't just want to throw it away... Help please?


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  • "there are many guys out there and I don't necessarily need a relationship."
    This right here is enough of a reason for him to dump you the fuck up.
    He deserves better than a woman who thinks she has many rebounds out there, seriously get lost and stop bothering him.

    • I didn't mean it like that. I meant other people always tell me that.

    • Here's to hoping he rids himself of you.
      Maybe you should try darting those 'other people'
      who shove bullshit like this in your head.

  • You don't really go into detail about what kind of "fight" you two have now had four times this year already. An argument that he needs some time alone to focus on his education and you want to be close to him instead of allowing him to study distraction free?

    Whatever it is, it sounds like your boyfriend is getting tired of whatever mistakes you keep making over and over again. It doesn't mean he is going to separate himself from you, but he might give you an ultimatum or threaten that if you don't lighten up, he won't have much of a choice. It sounds to me like you can be kind of selfish sometimes if you don't want to leave him alone to study. Just give him what he asks for and wait for him. Just as you say you don't need a relationship, he might realize he doesn't either.


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  • U don't really have many options. It depends whether he's ready to forgive u again. Please don't be clingy and give him his space for exams. You can always have enough of him after them


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