People Constantly Leave Me?

I posted this on another account, but with grammar errors. I'm actually 10 years younger than I say I am. Anyhow... My third relationship of the year ended yesterday. I always date online, I don't have any other option. But I feel like I treat people pretty well, and there shouldn't be a reason why they'd break it off or just up and leave. Could it be because I get pretty invested and serious about it quickly? Or my mental issues? Or that I have a poor personality and I'm fat? I'm just tired of this and its starting to make me dislike myself :( People always tell me to stop trying and work on myself, but for me, working on myself without someone by my side to love and support me is unimaginable...


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  • Try to find an equilibrium, maybe you're too fat and think be being nice to people theyre gonna ignore the fact with ur weight, they dont cuz people are piece of shits just focus on urself and be happy, u will find someone eventually that loves u more than u love yourself, if u put people interests before urs then they lose interest and think that ur not greedy enough or stupid and u mistaken it for being nice - no hard feelings miss, love yourself first and also whats so terrible on being alone ? More food for me i guess...


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