Why does he keep doing this to me?

So there is a guy that I have had a crush on for 3 year's now. He and I fight constantly, and the argument usually ends with him calling me deseparate, crazy, or obsessed... So I get mad and block him. It used to be, in a few months , he would apologize, but now he has started apologizing after a week... he has gone as far as making fake accounts to apologize.
Our last fight, it was really bad because he left me, downtown, ten minutes into our date. It took me 30 minutes to realize he had left... I went off on him and blocked him.
A week later, he starts apologizing, and asking if he can make it up to me... but he only messages me late at night... He even justifys his actions by saying he has a mental problem and traumatic childhood... I pity him, but I started to feel like he is the one who is actually obsessed and desaparate.
How do I fix this or stop this?
Well he just threaten to beat me up because I was talking to people about it... and that he never wanted me, not now, not ever... kind of scared.


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  • Most likely one of these two things
    1. He's just a dude that likes you only on his time when he wants to (I know it sounds harsh but there's people like that)
    2. He does have issues which sound pretty serious, in which case I personally wouldn't want because who knows what else he will do to you.

    If it was me in your position I would move on and either ignore him completely which will be hard with the new accounts but eventually hell get bored. Or just move on and say you've found someone but if he needs to talk you're there for him.


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  • That is not normal and even acceptable. Left you downtown alone? I would never do that to a friend regardless.
    Why do you guys argue? First off we all should choose our battles wisely. And second of all very few things call for a battle or disagreement.
    Threatened to beat you up? Sounds like it's time to move on. You don't need crazy in your life. None of us do. And it does sound like he needs some help from a counselor.

  • This sounds serious. Maybe he does have a problem which causes him to drop you when you need him. But he does seem to like you if he apologises for his actions. I'd say get him some professional help and have the issue dealt with.

  • I didn't even read your explanation with my answer is because you continue to allow it


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