I started the no contact but he suddenly starts tagging/texting me?

After a 3 month relationship I broke up with my boyfriend who I still was in love with... I couldn't let him go and it seemed like he struggled aswell.. but a month after the break up he suddenly blocked me everywhere which was understandable as I was clingy as hell and I pretty much embarressed myself. We could only get in touch in a groupsnap/chat.. so 3 days ago I left that groupchat and I wasn't active on snapchat either. Now he would @ me and indirect me with quotes who definitaly talk about me... why would he do that if he had blocked me from everywhere?


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  • Probably because his girl dumped him had no one else to turn on u can find someone who wants u the way you are

  • He probably misses you for whatever reason. His backup girl perhaps didn’t want him.


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