Im I reading into things what is going on?

My ex put up on Facebook that he was in a relationship with someone, didn't say who, and a few days later he's now hidden his relationship status three days later from everyone, we only broke up 4 weeks ago he was ignoring me after a fight so I just left it thinking he would speak to me when he's ready.

I spoke to him and said it wasn't very nice what he did and he didn't talk about it just wanted no hard feelings between us. I told him that after everything that wasn't going to be possible and he started talking about recovery and being glad I was cool with things. I told him to block me as I'd unblocked him to see how he had been getting on since we hadn't spoke in weeks and it wouldn't let me block again for 48hrs.

Whats going on with him.


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  • It's over honey, time to move on. Nothing on FB means jackshit anyway - it's just for shits and giggles. Don't put ANY stock into it.

    You cannot negotiate attraction or desire. It sure looks like that's a all over and done with for you two.

    • I know but he wa the one who chased me pressured me for months for a relationship and then as soon as we have a break up, won't speak to me, won't make things civil just runs straight into bed with someone else, I guess I'm just hurting a lot at the moment but I know you're right

    • The most passionate ones are likely the most emotional as well. Just because he pressured you doesn't mean he wouldn't go cold just as quickly as he went hot.

      And yes, it hurts a lot. Consider you dodged a huge bullet.

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  • Honestly, I think you’re focusing a bit too much on him. You seem to be conflicted, between blocking and unblocking him, saying it wouldn’t be possible to to have no hard feelings after everything, but then checking in on him. This doesn’t seem to be doing anything positive for you.

    • I know I am thank you so much for answering. Im just very down at the minute and I thought it would be fine just to check up how he was and block him again, I want expecting the relationship thing and now I hurt more. I care a lot about him and tried to be nice and at least make things ok that we weren't together but could be civil and yet he ignored me then now he wants things to be ok, I hate him, I hate how little he cares I hate everything he's done and I've stood up for him and I hate how indifferent he is. I'm so sad and he's saying in he's in a new relationship... and I'm a glutton for punishment I go out of my way to find things out when they will hurt me, I'm hurting now and I know it's my own fault

    • I can totally relate, love. I was dating a guy for almost 3 months this past summer, and I was surprised by how broken I felt when we broke up, bc I’ve been hurt so many times in the past, I didn’t think I had anymore of that in me. First, you have to stop beating yourself up. Maybe you didn’t expect for things to go how they did, but you have to accept it so you can start healing. Second, “out of sight, out of mind”. Even in your darkest times, you have to be stronger than ever and have the willpower to not check on him. Seeing him move on so fast, and yet you’re still having a hard time, is mentally crushing. Don’t put yourself through that. This is a tough juncture in your life, but time truly will do it’s job. Things are gonna get easier each day, even when they feel harder. Allow yourself to mourn, and ultimately heal. You WILL get through this, I promise.

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