Girlfriend just dumped me, I need advice?

I had been dating this girl for 3 years. She has a 4 year old son from a previous relationship. I really loved this girl and her son. Saw a happy future. Planning my career around being with them.

Yesterday she broke up with me because she wasn't "in love" anymore. I'm crushed. Not really sure where to go/what to do. It's baffling. I'm losing her and my step son all in one swoop it's rough.

Any tips for how to get over this? What do I do? I'm rounding up all there stuff to return... fuck. It doesn't even feel real.


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  • Just distract yourself. Hang out with friends, watch movies, listen to music, pick up a new hobby, go to a party. You'll be fine. Also, you should know better than to get involved with single moms you silly goose.

  • Well, shit happens, the "I'm not in love anymore" phrase can be real, but there are reasons most of the time. You should have a deep conversation with her, when you try not to cry, and figure out why she's feeling like that. Hear her out quietly without denying what she says. If it's something that you two can deal with, then try it. If she's not open for that conversation, you should move on.


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