How to bring back an ex boyfriend who was very territorial?

he broke up with me because he said things weren't working out anymore, and he didn't know how to fix it and feel the same again. (we went through serious personal problems about 4 months ago and this went downhill after that) I agreed and we had a very "amicable" break up were I feel we finally talked about everything. I was living in his hometown and on the next day i came back to mine immediately. he was very upset when i told him i didn't wanted to be his friend during the break up. he continues to like my photos and views my stories on instagram. still has all of our pictures, and tried to contact me multiple times a week after the break up, calling me our pet name and making reference to our special day, he even posted a facebook memory of us, but I called him and said to him that i needed my space to heal. he sounded bummered. any hopes? he was very territorial and somewhat possessive during our relationship that lasted 1.6 years and said I will always be his girl and that he thinks we will meet in the future.


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  • So, do you want to get back with him or tell him that you don't want to be with him anymore?

    • I want to bring him back.

    • So you want to be in a relationship with him again?

      Start speaking to him and after a while (few days or a week) ask to meet up with him and just hang out, go for coffee, meal, cinema or whatever and see how things go.

      Nothing else you can really do apart from try to not sound or look to desperate to get back with him and keep you should be fine

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