How did you move on from Your past relationship? Or perhaps Past people? I need help and advice.🙍‍♂️😔 I remember the moments n time with her.🤦‍♂️?

I know sometimes it seems you can’t move on from someone but for those who have moved on in relationships, how do you do it? I miss her sometimes which I hate because in the end everything seemed unhealthy and it had hate rid.
The relationship ended about 16 months ago now, I’m not asking for comfort, I’m asking for some serious good advice on how i can move on from her both mentally and emotionally?

I hate the feeling but I guess I have to try to fight that and let it go.
I need and want more answers pls.


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  • Ok sometimes that can be tough but Mercy bang, you need to go bang the first girl that would let you

    • Ok the first few weeks will be hard but you will get over it, if you had a girlfriend you can obviously get women, so get it playa it's your time. Trust me she isn't moping around. She is getting hers right now.

    • Yeah i guess.

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