In the past when I would go to a store that sells Halloween costume with my sister she would point to a princess dress and say?

“Look Alexandre I found your Halloween costume. Wouldn’t you look so pretty.” Do you really think my sister wanted to see me (her little brother) in a dress?


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  • Pretty sure she’s just joking at ur age


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  • Maybe? The last three or four times that I went trick or treating (I don't recall how old I was... young though...), I went dressed up as a girl. My sisters just LOVED having a life-sized doll that they were able to dress up and put make up on, especially since they themselves were not allowed to wear makeup at their age. If you two do not have another sister, then I would say that it's very, very possible that she would have liked to have the opportunity to dress you up.

    • Did you like dressing up as a girl?

    • I can't say I totally enjoyed it because to this day, I don't like having things on my face. Like it even bothers me to apply things like chapstick on my lips. However, I was always very humored by the reactions. It was always along the lines of:

      Neighbor: So what are you?
      Me: I'm a girl
      Neighbor: No I mean, what are you for Halloween?
      Me: I'm a girl!
      Neighbor: So you're a boy but you're dressed as a girl?
      Me: Yes!
      (Door closes followed by the sound of huge laughter heard behind the door)

      This was a long time ago so I don't think it would be quite as funny today, but still.

  • she is just making fun of you and want sto see your reaction

    • What if I said yes?

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    • I bet that if I said yes, she would of had fun with me

    • But I would of probably gotten embarrassed

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