Why would an ex add you on Snapchat out of the blue?

Me and this guy fell out really bad. I ended it and I blocked him on all social media except snapchat. I forgot he had snapchat bc I barely use it anyway except when talking to my long distance friends. It’s been like 3 months. I randomly got a notification that he added me on Snapchat. He hasn’t sent any messages. Is he trying to keep tabs on me? What could he possibly be up to?


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  • 3 months isn't that long at all
    And if you didn't block him on snap then he sees that as a way you might not mind talking again

    • He knew I hardly used it and he was just getting on the social media wave. I just had to have my niece talk to me about it so either I sent a request a long time ago when we were together or he quick added me. Which I think he quick added me from his contacts for some reason he never deleted my number which is even creepier.

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    • No, he’s an idiot. I’d never have children with that caliber of idiot at least. It was one of the things I could say that I knew what would hurt him most. He was going through custody battles and I told him he doesn’t respect women like he thinks he does and I feel sorry for his daughters that they have a snake piece of shit as a sperm donor and I hope their mothers keep them away from him or if by some chance he does get to be in their lives that they’ll never speak to him when they turn 18.

    • Granted it was really cunty I know I could’ve said other worse things but of all the things I could say although cruel it wasn’t as bad.

  • To establish a friendly relationship between you both and no problems at all


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