Breaking Up with girlfriend OVERREACTING?

Broke up with my girlfriend because she would cry and scream consistently over sowmthjng minimal that she didn't like I grew unsympathetic and I left her
Because I felt like it would make us both happier and make her cry less

Did I do the right thing?

I still contact her through FB


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What Girls Said 1

  • yes but you shouldn't contact her anymore. thats cruel and drags out the pain of being broken up with.


What Guys Said 3

  • its a tough situation man,
    i get that you're growing unsympathetic, its "the girl who cried wolf" all over again.

    did you do the right thing? by you, probably, because from what i see, the relationship wasn't making you happy
    for her, not so much.

    but its a choice that you made.
    and if you stand behind it, then there is nothing wrong.

    because breaking up because you're unhappy, is okay.

    you fight for a relationship as long as you can, but if its not working out, better to end it rather then drag on.

  • Nope sounds right women like that are emotional vampires. Until they learn to control it they drain a guy and move on. Usually they drain good guys cause they last longer. Good job man you did good.

  • Now she has a good reason.

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