When to Stop Showering?

In your opinion, what is a good age to stop letting my son shower with me? I know most dad's let their son shower with them. He's 8, now.


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  • When ever he is comfortable if you are getting tired of it. Just get him to try on his own with you near by. And just slowly boost his trust in himself.

    • Ok. It doesn't bother me. I have noticed him staring at my dick more often though. But I think he should be able to manage on his own. It's just habit.

    • Well then just explain what a male private area is. Its most of the time kids understand stuff at early ages any ways. (Well within reason.) Kids learn super fast take advantage of it.

  • 8? Damn I stopped showing with my dad when I was around 6 or so but everyone is different but I would say now is a good time

    • Were you ever curious about his dick? I've begun noticing that my son is staring at mine more

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