Was it me? Did I get too attached?

My friends with benefits... I miss him so much, we met about a year ago. It was nice. Before we met in person we met on a dating website, I wanted nothing to do with him but he wanted everything to do with me. Took’em about 3 months of him begging and bugging me to meet with him and give him a chance, so I did.

But now I really regret ever meeting him, he was everything I wanted in a man, I really did fall for him I think which is obviously really stupid me lol especially with our age difference me being 19 and him being 32 it was interesting to see how well we enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t last long, it was hard to meet up with him because of my family, so we basically him called it quits which pretty much left me devastated lol.

Was it my fault that he left?
Was it because I wanted to be something more and that scared him off?

How would you guys handle the situation with my family? Would you have left too or tried to reason with them?

Was it the age difference?

Was it me? Did I get too attached?
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